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By Marina Hacquin, Picture: Carmel Zaccone, Sunraysia Daily

SUNRAYSIA residents have six days left to register before the Premier’s Active April kicks off.

The Victorian Government initiative is striving for people across the state to get active and complete 30 minutes of exercise a day for the duration of the month.

But that’s not all – anyone who signs up will receive 10 free YMCA gym passes or access to a participating local government facility, as well as fitness incentives and discounts.

Mildura Health Fund employees are geared up ahead of the challenge, with customer service officer Johanna Gallacher explaining the initiative was an easy way to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

“We have done it for a few years now, it’s fun and at work we all like to participate in various events, fundraisers and social events,” she said.

“We have about 10 people doing it this year, that’s double from last year when we had about five participating.

“It’s quite easy – you register online and they send you emails about different ways to be active, which is not just limited at doing sport.

“You can also do gardening, walking or go for a swim.”

She said the team’s favourite way to complete their active time involved fun and social environments such as bowling.

“At the end of the challenge you add it all in and if you have performed well, you can win prizes,” Ms Gallacher said.

“Sitting in an office all day, we don’t always move enough and get the 10,000 steps we are supposed to.”

This year’s challenge is encouraging parents to get active while they are on the sidelines supporting their children, setting a good example and kickstarting healthier habits for the whole family.

Participants will also have access to the Get Active Workouts video series through an app, which features 30 different 10-minute workout ideas to inspire and motivate participants of all ages and abilities.

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Supplied by Sunraysia Daily 25/03/2019

No Exclusions, Says Mildura Health

By Simon Cameron, Sunraysia Daily

MILDURA Health Fund (MHF) has assured members it will offer top coverage with no exclusions as confusion sets in over reforms set to hit the private health insurance industry next month.

MILDURA Health Fund (MHF) has assured members it will offer top coverage with no exclusions as confusion sets in over reforms set to hit the private health insurance industry next month.

The Federal Government’s reforms will categorise policies into gold, silver, bronze and basic with standardised clinical categories across all health funds to ensure policies are easier to understand.

Mildura Health Fund chief executive Gerard Op de Coul said many MHF members had questioned how the changes would affect their policies.

“We are also getting heavy inquiry from members of other funds, disgruntled as they thought they had a gold product when they actually had a bronze or silver product as they have exclusions of services they thought were covered,” Mr Op de Coul said.

“MHF will continue to offer members top health insurance with no exclusions.

“We will not disadvantage our members by taking away clinical services from our members.”

As part of the reforms, MHF will have an increased maximum excess level of $750 for a single or $1500 for a family, which Mr Op de Coul says will help keep premiums down.

“We understand the financial challenges members are facing and we will be including the $750 excess into our product suite as of April 1 to assist them with lower premiums,” he said.

Seventeen natural therapies will no longer be covered by private health insurance, with MHF removing naturopathy, pilates and yoga from its benefits.

“We understand some members are frustrated with the removal of these services,” Mr Op de Coul said.

“Due to these changes, we have increased a number benefits for extras cover including ambulance, clinical psychology, pharmaceuticals and dental.

“MHF did not support these changes when presented to us last year.”

MHF, which has 33,000 members, increased total benefits paid by 11.5 per cent in the 2017-18 financial year to $46,866,478.

Late last year MHF announced it would increase its premiums by 3.89 per cent this year, which was higher than the national average of 3.25 per cent.

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