Operating since 1929 Mildura Health Fund is a regional health insurance fund existing purely to serve its members.

  • We are a not-for-profit member owned fund, this means that our members get more benefits and competitive premiums, where dividends are not paid to shareholders.
  • We have over 85 years’ experience providing health cover.
  • Unlike our competitors, our comprehensive hospital policies do not have a lot of exclusions, providing confidence you are covered.
  • Past recipient of nationally recognised awards for outstanding value health cover combining price and features.
  • Hospital Agreements with more than 425 private hospitals Australia wide.
  • Our dedicated customer service team are here to help navigate private health cover and easy to understand.
  • Your single children remain covered to age 21 and if they are full time students they remain covered to age 25.
  • You can access your membership anytime you need to with our online member services.
  • We offer a 2.5% discount for members who pay by direct debit (from a cheque or savings account).

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