Gap Medical Benefits

When you are admitted to hospital you will be charged separately for medical fees by your doctor, medical specialist, surgeon, anaesthetist, radiologist or pathologist.

These fees will be in addition to your accommodation and theatre fees, and are always negotiable between you and your health care provider. You will receive 100% of the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) fee, the Medicare benefit, plus the Fund Benefit for inpatient services. If your specialist chooses to charge above the MBS fee, we will pay a further benefit towards this amount, known as the gap, which may result in a gap payment or no out of pocket cost to you. If your doctor has an agreement in place with us, they will bill us direct. Otherwise you can submit your unpaid account to us for claiming.

Please contact the Fund prior to any planned hospitalisation with the MBS item numbers, and fees the doctor will be charging, so that we can ensure that you will be covered and advise you of any out of pocket amounts you may need to pay.

No Gap Medical Benefits at MHPH

Mildura Health Fund has no gap medical agreements with a number of medical specialists, doctors and surgeons who operate at Mildura Health Private Hospital (MHPH).

Your doctor will bill us direct and you will have no out of pocket costs if treated at MHPH by a no gap provider.

The current list of no gap medical providers can be found here.

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