2020/2021 End of Financial Year

In 2019 the requirement for Private Health Insurers to send a paper copy of your Tax Statement was removed, which means one less task you need to worry about come tax time.

How will I receive my health tax information?

Each financial year we lodge our members tax information electronically with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This year will be no different, which means your tax information will be pre-filled and available to you via the ATO portal or through your accountant.

When will my tax information be available?

Your tax information will be available by 7 July of the relevant year.

What if I still need a copy of my statement?

You can download and print a copy of your tax statement from our online member services. Simply click on the Member Login button from the home page to login to Online Member Services or you can contact our Customer Service Team on (03) 5023 0269 who will be happy to organise a copy for you.

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