Benefit in Focus - Ambulance
Benefits in Focus - Ambulance Cover
Apr 18, 2023

Ambulance cover varies from state-to-state in Australia.

For Mildura Health Fund members with five-star, mid and base extras cover, a benefit is payable towards your ambulance subscription payment each year.

Emergency ambulance transport is not covered by Medicare. If you take out a subscription with your state ambulance service, you are protected against the cost of emergency transportation.

To claim, you just need to hold an eligible level of extras cover and submit the receipt for your state ambulance subscription or renewal to one of our three locations or lodge it via the Mildura Health Fund app. If you have held ambulance cover previously while a member but have not claimed, you can lodge receipts going back seven years.

If you reside in NSW or the ACT and hold a level of hospital cover, you are automatically covered for Australia wide emergency transport. All residents of Queensland and Tasmania receive ambulance cover through their state governments.

Find out more about ambulance cover here.